From Our Readers

I find your magazine to be very informative and helpful. I enjoy every issue and look forward to making many of the items in many of my issues.
-- Shirley T.
I look forward to my magazine and read it cover to cover when it arrives!
-- K. Smith
I really love receiving this magazine. Can't wait to get my hands on the next issue. The patterns, knitting techniques, and tutorials are always of great interest to me. I also love it when a designer or newbie knitter is a featured article. The editorial letters are also a wealth of information.
-- Georgie
Creative Knitting is my favorite magazine! I like the mix of simple to difficult. The tutorials really help me understand what I'm trying to do. I like the way you match patterns and tutorials.
-- Linda S.
I enjoy Creative Knitting magazine and the variety of patterns as well as tutorials. As a beginning knitter, I find the tutorials very helpful.
-- Robyn B.
Always loved the magazine. I have every one of my magazines since I have had my subscription.
-- Linda
Enjoy every magazine. I have been knitting for a very long time and like the variety you offer. Money well spent.
-- Joyce M.
I love the variety of Creative Knitting patterns and the explanations, tips and yarn suggestions. I think the stitch guide in the back is very informative. I had a pattern using short rows and had never done it. I went to the magazine and found instructions and had no problem at all.
-- Lori L.
Creative Knitting is just that -- creative ... I like that there are different patterns in the magazine. They are different than those in other knitting magazines. Creative Knitting makes knitting interesting.
-- Christine D.
I have enjoyed this magazine for years and years. In fact it's the only knitting magazine I subscribe to. I've knitted many, many items in years past and present with very good results.
-- Patricia C.