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For my birthday this year I received not one, but two family heirlooms. One was a beautifully embroidered peacock canvas (pictured above) that my Mom made for my grandma before I was born. My grandma recently passed away and mom thoughtfully set this aside for me, knowing that I love peacocks and all textile arts. What she maybe did not know is that I have vivid memories of this embroidery from the front hall of my grandma's apartment and earlier homes she lived in. It is etched in my mind from the many visits I paid her when my oldest daughter was a very small baby, my husband was living in Texas after coming back from Iraq, and I was in Canada, awaiting my immigration paperwork so I could join him. It was an emotionally fraught time and visiting Grandma was a comfort. Seeing this particular embroidery was part of every visit, and I am thrilled to now have it in my home.

The second family heirloom is a painting that always hung in the dining area of my mother-in-law's home (I lived with my mother-in-law as a tenant before I met my husband, her son). This painting of several small children with wide smiles reminds me of meeting him for the first time as well as all the good times we've had since. I am going to hang this painting in our dining room, to watch over our family like it did for my husband, and join our many celebrations and feasts. I feel blessed to be receiving two such poignant pieces of art to include in my family traditions and memories, and I hope that my children will want to pass them along in time.

These two gifts have me thinking about all the knitted pieces that I have created -- countless shawls, sweaters, mittens, hats, etc. If you can name it, I've probably knit at least one. The samples for my design work are all carefully labeled in a trunk that travels for shows at yarn shops, and my hand-knit personal items are ... all over the house. Will there come a time when my kids pass those items down to their kids? Will the items I made become special things that are remembered and cherished as part of a happy childhood or having come from a warm and loving grandma? (That will be me; I plan on being an infinitely loving and enthusiastically eccentric woman in my old age.)

It seems like a distant possibility since my kids are still so young, but we have set up a bin for each child to save hand-knit items they would like to keep, whether for their children or just for the memories. And I have to say it's looking promising since at this moment those bins are already absolutely full.

I hope you have a most excellent and loving holiday season, and I wish you all the best with family and friends!

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Meghan is a full-time knitwear designer living in the Inland Northwest. Originally from Canada, she has a BFA in fibers and textiles with graduate work in weaving and wax resist dyework. Her work has been published in print magazines, books, online magazines and yarn company pamphlets. She currently nurses other obsessions with chickens, sharks, cooking and gardening.

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