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The Great Jingle Bell Debacle

The Great Jingle Bell Debacle

When I was maybe 11 or 12, I wanted to wear a jester costume for Halloween. You know the kind -- usually two colors color-blocked with diagonal sections, perhaps some harlequin diamonds and always a big dramatic hat with bells on each tip. I went with purple and yellow, and my mom sewed the entire costume, including said dramatic hat with stuffed curlicues of fabric tipped with bright gold jingly bells. My mom was an amazing Halloween mom. She was (and still is) an excellent seamstress and was more than happy to create whatever I (and my two siblings) wanted to dress up in every single Halloween. Much to her chagrin, I mostly cried my way through every costume she ever made for me since I always thought I wanted to dress up, but when I was suddenly in costume, being something else, I realized I really just wanted to be "me" in regular clothes. But I digress ...

Each of those jingly bells was so precious to me, they sparkled and tinkled as I walked, and even though I realized that I didn't actually want to wear the costume (see previous paragraph), I did enjoy the bells a lot. Until they started to disappear. One by one those bells fell off and went missing all on their own. Mom was so upset, she accused me of cutting them off as she sewed more on, and no matter how many times I assured her I would never cut them off, my general unease about dressing up did little to dissuade her assumptions. That was until she witnessed a jingle bell fall off the costume all of its own accord while I was standing directly in front of her. You see the jingle bells were metal, and the edges are sharp enough that the thread used to secure them would eventually prove too weak to withstand the grating of the metal edge. Mystery solved, but problem created: How could we keep those bells on?

When I was preparing for the tassel tutorial I knew I wanted to use jingle bells, so I scoured the internet for the best tips on how to prevent them from falling off. My general conclusion was that perhaps a small amount of hot glue on either edge of the metal opening might work, and you know what? Success! I wish I had been able to solve the bell problem for the jester costume. Eventually mom stopped sewing them back on, and I lost most of them by the end of the evening. But at least now I know a trick about those tricky bells and how to keep them attached!

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Meghan is a full-time knitwear designer living in the Inland Northwest. Originally from Canada, she has a BFA in fibers and textiles with graduate work in weaving and wax resist dyework. Her work has been published in print magazines, books, online magazines and yarn company pamphlets. She currently nurses other obsessions with chickens, sharks, cooking and gardening.

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