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Embellish With Bow Knots

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Bow knots are made by working yarn overs that are dropped on the following row and then knotted into bows. This technique is unique in that it happens on top of the work instead of within the stitch pattern itself. A perfect addition to knits that need an extra-special embellishment, these tiny bows would look darling on the brim of a baby hat, the top of a knit stocking, or sprinkled in among some simple lace on a shawl.

How to Work Them

For this sample I worked one bow knot every five stitches, over 24 stitches.

[BOX TIP: A note on placement: Each bow knot is worked with two triple yarn overs placed on either side of a single knit stitch. If you are working one row of bow knots, anticipate using one stitch per knot and your choice of spacing stitches (even or odd number, does not matter). If you are working more than one row of bow knits and want them to be evenly staggered you will want one stitch per knot and an odd number of spacing stitches. On the second row of knots, work the yarn overs on either side of the center spacing stitch to stagger the knots.]

Knit up to but not including the first intended bow knot center stitch. For the sample: Knit 2, wrap the yarn three times around the needle.

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Knit 1 (the bow knot center stitch), wrap the yarn three times around the needle again.

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Knit the spacing stitches. For the sample: *Knit 5, repeat the triple wrap, knit 1, triple wrap; repeat from * to the end of the row, repeat to last three stitches, knit 3. This row should have yarn overs in sets of two with a knit stitch in the middle. Turn the work to the wrong side.

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Purl to the triple-wrapped yarn over, drop it from the needle, leaving the loop on the facing side of the work (wrong side).

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Purl 1, and drop the triple-wrapped yarn over, leaving it on the facing side of the work (wrong side).

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Continue across until all loops are dropped. Now lay the work down onto a table and gently push the loops through to the right side.

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[BOX TIP: You can also leave the loops on the right side of the work when originally dropping them instead of pushing them through afterward. On the first row of knots I left the loops on the wrong side and pushed them through; on the second row I left them on the right side and there was no discernible difference.]

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Pull the loops tightly until they are as long as possible, and using the half-hitch method, tie each set of loops twice into a double knot. For even knotting make sure that you consistently begin with the same loop, either left over right, or right over left.

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For the second staggered row on the sample, knit 2 rows even and work another set of bow knots on the either side of the center stitch in the spacing stitches.

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