Note From the Editor

"Now, let us all take a deep breath and forge on into the future; knitting at the ready."
--Elizabeth Zimmermann

Sometimes it feels like every season of our lives is a season of change. Whether you have children or not, there is an ebb and flow to the years, and you frequently look back at time gone by and think that you blinked when the important things happened.

Knitting, however, is my constant. I learned to knit when the boys were little -- and taught them. So most of their childhood included knitting in some form or another. I knit during Cub Scout meetings and at football games. I knit in the van outside the movie theater when they were old enough to go on "group dates" but not yet old enough to drive. For years there was an emergency sock in some stage of not yet knit in my glove compartment.

As I write this, I sit on the very edge of becoming an "empty nester." In three days' time I will be on a 15-hour road trip with my youngest as he heads off to his freshman year of college. As we share the driving time, I will of course be knitting. And when those designs are published in the magazine next summer, I will wistfully remember where I was when I knit them. Now that both boys will be gone, I realize it's high time I took my knitting back out into the world -- to the local meet-up group or on a road trip with friends to explore new-to-me yarn stores.

In this spring issue of Creative Knitting, we're all about all things light and lacy. Beautiful florals and airy yarns are just right for the season -- even if you are only wishing it would warm up already. The sunshine will come, my friends -- and we want to be ready!

What light and lovely things will be gracing your needles this spring? Who will you be knitting with? I'd love to hear from you!

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Corrina Ferguson
Executive Editor, Creative Knitting magazine

Corrina Ferguson has over 10 years of knitting experience. She knits and designs in Florida where there are only about three sweater days per year, but she keeps on knitting and dreams of retiring somewhere where it snows. Corrina is a knitting designer, instructor and technical editor, author of Warm Days, Cool Knits and is the Executive Editor of Creative Knitting magazine.