Note From the Editor

"I found I could say things with color and shapes that I couldn't say any other way -- things I had no words for."
--Georgia O'Keeffe

Knitting is my art. Occasionally, I will dabble in watercolors or pull out some fancy brush pens and try to "letter" something. But those things never quite do what I want them to do. Knitting I can control. Well, sort of. Sometimes the knitting has a mind of its own and what I set out to do is not what I accomplish, but mostly we get along. And if the knitting really misbehaves, I just rip it out. I'm ruthless like that.

Before I was designing, my favorite way to put my own stamp on my knitting was with color. I quickly decided I couldn't be bothered with trying to find the same color that was used in any give design. First, what if that color looks terrible on me? I am not a woman who can wear yellow. People think I'm ill. Second, I don't want a knitted piece that looks exactly like everyone else's -- I want to make my own. And third, color is so fun, so freeing! There are so many beautiful variations to choose from -- I could go online right now and find a hundred variations of purple alone.

In this issue of Creative Knitting, we've tried to warm up winter with color. Yes, the sweater I actually designed myself is gray -- but it's not just gray. It's that beautiful swirling, pale-blue-gray you see on a calm winter afternoon. But there are lots of bright, beautiful colors to choose from in this issue -- in sweaters, blankets and hats that will keep you cozy all winter long! So, pick a project and then find the color for it that sings to your soul.

What beautiful colors will be on your needles this winter? I'd love to see!

Corrina Ferguson signature
Corrina Ferguson
Executive Editor, Creative Knitting magazine

Corrina Ferguson has over 10 years of knitting experience. She knits and designs in Florida where there are only about three sweater days per year, but she keeps on knitting and dreams of retiring somewhere where it snows. Corrina is a knitting designer, instructor and technical editor, author of Warm Days, Cool Knits and is the Executive Editor of Creative Knitting magazine.
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