Note From the Editor

Don't rush the process. Good things take time.

Knitting is an investment -- and investment of money and energy, but mostly an investment of time.

That's what I tell folks to consider when it comes to knitting -- think about how much time it will take, but also think about what you get in return for that time. Do you get a comfortable cardigan that you can wear again and again? Do you get to show someone knitworthy how much you love them with the perfect knitted gift? Time is the only thing in this world we can't replace, so spend it wisely.

As for me, I'm always knitting, but friends know that I am paying rapt attention even when my needles are quietly clicking away. That's one of the ways I make more time for knitting in my life. I sneak in knitting too -- I always, always have a purse project. That way I can steal time from the little "hurry up and wait" moments in my life. You know the ones, the times where you have to stand in line forever or are waiting for appointments. Most folks nowadays are on their phones. I'm knitting. Always knitting.

In this issue of Creative Knitting, we are already thinking about gift knitting for the holiday season that always comes way too soon. There's a whole section of knits that would make gorgeous gifts for those truly special people in your life. But it's important to treat yourself too. That's why you should spend some time making a sweater or poncho for yourself -- something you can truly enjoy and that will be the result of time well spent.

What are your must-make knits for fall? I'd love to know!

Corrina Ferguson signature
Corrina Ferguson
Executive Editor, Creative Knitting magazine

Corrina Ferguson has over 10 years of knitting experience. She knits and designs in Florida where there are only about three sweater days per year, but she keeps on knitting and dreams of retiring somewhere where it snows. Corrina is a knitting designer, instructor and technical editor, author of Warm Days, Cool Knits and is the Executive Editor of Creative Knitting magazine.
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