TNNA Recap!
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So every summer (and some winters) I go to the TNNA tradeshow. What is TNNA? It’s The National Needleworks Association – basically the trade organization for all things yarn. It also is the organization for needlepoint as well. But we are here to talk about yarn!

This was my first time going as the editor of a magazine. You know, because that’s kind of a new thing! In the past I’ve always gone as an independent knitting designer, so my aims were very different. This time around it was about meeting with *all* the yarn companies, seeing their new lines, and figuring out what beautiful yarns I want to work with in upcoming issues.

Fortunately I wasn’t completely in the dark though. Many of my friends work for yarn companies, and it was wonderful to meet with all the friendly faces in my new capacity. And there were so many amazing people that I hadn’t come in contact with when I was “walking the floor” as a designer.

Plus, I had a companion – a lovely woman from our company named Joan who works with advertising for the magazines was able to take me around and introduce me to all the folks I didn’t know.

It was a fun and exciting show, and I came home with a head full of ideas for upcoming issues. And just to show you a small bit of the mountain of yarn I came home with…

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