Change of the Guard!
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Well you may already know this, but the amazing Kara Gott-Warner has left Creative Knitting to go on to other pursuits. You can still find her all over the internet as karaknits, and you’ll surely see her still doing somethings for Annie’s – our parent company.

My name is Corrina Ferguson and I’m your brand new editor. I’m learning the ropes now while finishing up the last few issues of 2017. And then 2018 will be here and the Spring issue will be all mine. I will take up blogging here on the Splendid Sticks blog and you’ll see me on the Facebook page and all the places.

I’ve been designing for about ten years, and I have over 200 knitting designs under my belt. I’ve been published in a bunch of magazines – including Creative Knitting naturally – and I’ve written a knitting book. I even have a second knitting book in the works.

I live and work from my home in Jacksonville, Florida. Yes, it gets very hot here, but if you have air conditioning you can knit year-round. And I do!

So, let’s get down to business! What do you want to see in Creative Knitting? I get to make all sorts of fun choices and decisions, and I want those decisions to benefit you!

And if you don’t already follow our Facebook page – head on over to and like our page. There you will get all sorts of news and tips about Creative Knitting.

I can’t wait to get to know y’all!



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