How Do YOU Define the CREATIVE in Knitting?
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I thought it was time to really take a look at what the word Creative actually means in our knitting lives. What does it mean to you? With the world of patterns out there, it’s time to take a different approach, and redefine what this means for us personally.

I think being a creative knitter is so much more than reading and following a pattern. It’s about the sheer act of making with our own hands and the energy that surrounds that.

Today I’m going to dive into this subject on on a live webcast at 4:30pm EST and explore how we define what the word creative means in our knitting lives.

How do you define the CREATIVE in Knitting?

How do you define the CREATIVE in Knitting?

I’ll also “unpack” the latest issue of Creative Knitting magazine and explore the new things that have been happening that go beyond the pattern. I’ll explain how it’s been my mission over the past several issues to connect the dots between the pattern, the tutorial and understanding what’s happening on our needles to create the narrative behind what defines the CREATIVE in KNITTING!

Join me today on Facebook at 4:30pm EST for the live video webcast!

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