Autumn Highlight- Cast On to Cast Off Chemo
Cast Off Chemo!

Cast Off Chemo!

Good morning and welcome to part three of our Autumn Highlight Reel!

Today I want to talk about an important issue; one we have all been affected by either with ourselves or someone close to us. I’m talking about cancer.

But more than that, I’m talking about what we can do to help FIGHT CANCER.

Knitters have long been the charitable sort- always happy to donate their time and skill to worthy causes such as hats for chemotherapy patients, but what if there wasn’t a need for those hats because chemotherapy was a thing of the past? That’s the goal of Dr. David Krag, a research surgeon with  the University of Vermont in Burlington who hopes to use a patient’s own immune system to fight cancer without the use of damaging chemotherapy.

Dr. Krag’s research is focusing on breast cancer, the second leading cause of death in women, but he hopes this research can translate to ALL cancers.

This all sounds great, right? One little problem- chemotherapy is a big business and Dr. Krag can’t receive funding in the traditional manner for clinical trials.

That’s where we come in.

Linda Krag, Dr. Krag’s sister-in-law, has raised $185,000 from sales from her business Denise Interchangeable Knitting & Crochet and Cat Bordhi has raised $50,000 from the sales of her e-book, The Art of Felfs, sold on her website.

But how can you help, you may be asking?

Well, let me tell you!

If you go to Cast Off Chemo’s website, there is a lovely page filled with ways we can help! From yarn shop owners, designers, stitchers, and those of us who just love to knit and want to help, they have a way for you to pitch in! To check it out, just click here!

Don’t forget to take a look around at all of the amazing research and learn even more about the cause!

So join us in picking up our sticks and casting on to Cast Off Chemo!

3 Responses to Autumn Highlight- Cast On to Cast Off Chemo

  1. Pam Huffman says:

    Such and amazing and inspiring effort for all of us!

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