Quick-Knit Solutions & Tips for Sane Holiday Knitting

Now that holiday gift giving is fast approaching, we all have so many ideas for projects that we want to make for everyone in our life. But when reality hits, we need to face the facts that there are only 24 hours in a day! I will admit that I sometimes have illusions of grandeur and set unrealistic expectations for myself when it comes to making handmade gifts. The idea is thrilling in the moment, but not always realistic. I can vividly recall many Christmas Eves past knitting into the wee hours of the morning. I’d prefer to not repeat this harrowing experience!

To help maximize your time and energy and avoid those “insana-knitting” situations, take these tips to heart:

1. Make a list of everyone you’d like to create knitted gifts for. Simply making a list puts things into perspective. You’ll know that if you have 10 gifts to make and only two weeks, then you’d better reassess what’s realistic for you.

2. Decide exactly what kinds of knitted gifts you’d like to make, and be sure to choose projects that you’ll feel comfortable making that fall within your abilities.

3. Maximize your time—be realistic about what you can and can’t do because then you’ll be happy and so will your recipients!

4. Rethink before making those sweaters. Quick-knits are the way to go during the holidays, so put time back on your side by browsing through the projects in Creative Knitting magazine where you’ll find several quick-knit and minimal-skein designs.

Speaking of quick-knit projects, you’ve come to the right place! In our current issue, you’ll find many options for getting your fix. I really think you’ll love the decadent Chocolate Truffles fingerless mitts by Irina Poludnenko, made with Zara from Filatura Di Crosa and Operadarte from Tahki Stacy Charles. They make the perfect holiday gift and the yarn choices are unlimited.

Chocolate Truffles Fingerless Mitts by Irina Poludnenko

Chocolate Truffles Fingerless Mitts by Irina Poludnenko

These fingerless mitts have that little something extra with a touch of a romantic ruffle running down the side of each mitt. You can’t go wrong with making these because the time commitment on a project like this is so minimal. You may also want to consider The Quartz Boot Toppers, designed by Jill Wolcott, made with Powder River by Mountain Meadow Wool.

Quartz Boot Toppers by Jill Wolcott

Quartz Boot Toppers by Jill Wolcott

These toppers are a great accent for just about any pair of boots. You can go with a subtle and subdued yarn for an understated look, or get a little adventurous with a variegated yarn. Check out this clever idea: How about giving those old Christmas stockings a makeover by attaching a color-coordinating topper to each cuff? Now that’s a great way to deck those halls!

For a limited time only, you can get your free copy of the Quartz Boot Toppers pattern here. And once you’ve downloaded your copy, join us for the ongoing Knitalong on the Creative Knitting Fan Group page on Ravelry. Join other knitters making this project and also get a chance to chat directly with the designer. Don’t miss out on the fun!

Do you have any nifty tips or advice for holiday gift giving? Please share your ideas here!


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