Spring Into Fall With Creative Knitting Magazine
École Militaire by Silka Burgoyne, made with
Knitpicks Wool of the Andes. 100% Peruvian Highland Wool.

Yes, it’s almost that time again. Autumn will be here before you know it, and I can’t think of a better time to get a jump start on some early Fall knitting.  In the September issue of Creative Knitting magazine, we present an elegant collection of wool blend coats and cardigans to help spark enthusiasm that just might entice you to make that coat you’ve only dreamed of making. Come on, treat yourself. You know you’re worth it!

I normally spend the spring and summer months knitting gift items and accessories, but as summer draws to an end, I get the itch to add yet another knitted garment to my wardrobe. Over the last few years, I’ve been drawn to creating bottom-up pullovers, but this issue has me thinking I could be up for a slight diversion from the usual.

There’s something special about investing the time and energy into creating a hand-knitted coat, because it has an appeal that is quite different than a pullover.  Its purpose becomes more functional and it can be worn for several seasons to come, making your investment of time and money pay off far more than you think.

Instead of opting to purchase that store-bought coat, take a look at these interesting facts about wool:

  • Wool is incredibly durable and and elastic.
  • Wool absorbs moisture and repels liquids.
  • Wool keeps a layer of dry insulating air next to the skin.
  • Wool fibers resist breaking, piling and snagging.
  • Wool garments usually outlast synthetic garments.
  • Wool is the only fiber that naturally resists flaming.

Need I say more?

Spring Into Fall Coat by Lynne LeBlanc, featured in 11 spectacular colors of
O-Wool Balance, 50% certified organic merino wool, 50% certified organic cotton.

White Mountain Kimono Coat by Daniella Nii, made with Rowan Cocoon,
a hearty and dense blend of 80% merino wool and 20% kid mohair.

When someone compliments your gorgeous new coat, wouldn’t you rather tell them you made it yourself? If you’ve ever worked with Rowan Cocoon, you know how incredibly dense and warm this yarn is. What I love best about the White Mountain Kimono Coat above is its clever asymmetrical styling that leads your eye down the piece in a pleasing diagonal line, while your eye catches the contrasting slip-stitched edging.

To learn more about these and other pieces from the latest issue, visit Creative Knitting and join me as I take you on a short video tour through the September 2011 issue. And as a special gift,  get your download copy of the free Pumpkin Spice Pillow pattern, designed by Michelle Treese.


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