Mindful Mondays: Just Take the First Step!

Take the first step in faith!

Most of the day yesterday, I was a pretty grumpy knitter, because I just couldn’t wrap my grain around a particular stitch pattern for a new design in progress for Creative Knitting magazine.

I’ve been totally frustrated, and have found myself feeling kind of frozen, not wanting to take that next step, because I’m just not finding the answers I need.

However, I know from experience that if I keep going like the quote below instructs, I will find the solution. The answer will come EXACTLY at the moment when I really need it.

I struggle because I want the answer I seek now, but I’m not ready to receive it. I guess this means I still have some learning to do before it appears!

Just take the first step!

When it does appear, I will have proof that continuing on the path really does pay off. The answers will not always be revealed right at the time we want them to, but instead when we need them. Remembering experiences like these are the fuel for the fire for those times when future struggles surface…and they always will!

What are the things you’re struggling with that you wishing you had answers for right now? Are you a believer that that if you keep plugging along, the answers will come? Or, do you have a hard time accepting this idea?




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