Summer Knitting Challenge: Let’s Commit to Knit!

I thought it would be fun and start up a little Summer Knitting Challenge here on the blog. Now that the Summer 2014 issue of Creative Knitting is fresh, let’s jump in and have some fun exploring new stitch patterns together!

In this tutorial video, I decided to get a little scrappy with my knitting! Once I find a stitch pattern that resonates, I explore it inside and out by changing things up such as:

  • Needle size— I like to go to extremes. Kind of like I do with my hair! If a project calls for a size 4 needle, then I will immediately jump to a size 13 to see what happens. I’m always amazed at what emerges from my needles!
  • Change yarn— If a project is made in fingering or sock-weight yarn, such as with my Trellis Lace scarf design, featured in this video and in the Summer 2014 issue of Creative Knitting. I made this scarf with Kollage Riveting Sport, but why not test the waters, and jump up to a worsted weight, or even a super-bulky weight yarn?

Take a look at the two examples below to see the difference between these two yarns. They look like two totally different designs, but I did not change a single stitch!

Trellis lace, made with super-bulky yarn.

Trellis lace, made with super-bulky yarn on a size #10 1/2 US knitting needle.

Trellis lace made with fingering-weight yarn on a size #6 US needle.

Trellis lace, made with fingering-weight yarn on a size #6 US knitting needle.

So here are the steps for the Challenge:

#1: Watch the video below for the stitch pattern shown above and to see how I played around with a variety of yarns.

#2: Now go to your stash and pick out whatever yarn speaks to you.

Berroco Boboli lace on a #7 US needle.

Berroco Boboli Lace on a #7 US needle.

#3: Find a pair of needles that are drastically bigger or smaller than what the yarn label recommends. This is a challenge, right? Let’s get daring!

#4: Now be spontaneous and start knitting. Just allow what happens to happen!

#5: Show and tell! After you are finished with your swatches, or if you discovered a fun new way to work the trellis stitch, then…

SHARE it here on the Creative Knitting Facebook page!

I’m a firm believer that learning comes from doing. Some of the best learning experiences happen by mistake or when you least expect them, so commit to knit today!

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