Quickie Mesh Cowl – How To Video Tutorial. Make It This Weekend!

If you’re like me, when the weekend rolls around, you’re excited about the prospect of kicking back and getting some serious knitting time in. There’s nothing better than casting on for the perfect project Friday night and binding off by Sunday. (or sooner if you’re a speedy knitter!)

In this video, designer Cheryl Beckerich provides you with clear, step-by-step instructions to knit her Quickie Mesh Cowl, which is featured on the cover of Creative Knitting’s Special Interest Issue– Knits in No Time just in time for the weekend!

Alternating mesh and stockinette sections, achieve an interesting undulating effect that creates the illusion of shaping, but in fact this look is achieved by simply changing needle and stitch pattern.

Creative Knitting Magazine Presents: Knits in No Time.

Creative Knitting Magazine Presents: Knits in No Time.

  Designer’s tip: It’s easy to forget a yarn over in this pattern, so count your stitches and don’t forget your last yarn over before the edge stitch.

This cowl is made back and forth, however a circular needle is suggested for ease and comfort. I personally use circular needles no matter what project I’m making, and my straight needles make pretty needle vases to display around the house!

Here are a few quick facts about this pattern:

  1. Width: undulates between 6 1/2 inches (stockinette sections) and 10 inches (mesh sections)
  2. The designer uses a rib stitch on each edge. This helps give the cowl more structure and keeps the edges from rolling, which is common with stockinette stitch.
  3. You will use two different needle sizes: size 6 for stockinette sections, and size 8 for mesh sections. (This creates the undulating effect.)

Techniques that you’ll learn and use:

You can watch these videos on StitchGuide.com

Ater watching this video, I know you’ll be itching to cast on. Now go make this weekend memorable and create knits in no time!

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  1. Judy says:

    How would a get a copy of the Quickie Mesh Cowl Pattern?

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