Mindful Mondays- Refresh & Reprogram Your Monday Mindset

Now that we’re at the top of a new week, do you feel overwhelmed, or are you energized about the promise of another week ahead? Do you map out your tasks and To Do’s, then jump in with enthusiasm, or do you consider them a boring chore and look at what you have in front of you as an overwhelming trudge up hill?

You’d be perfectly content if you could stay home and knit for just another day, right? If the word Monday was removed from the English dictionary, you’d be perfectly fine with that.

It’s All in Your Head

Just think for a moment about this– if you’re feeling not so warm an fuzzy on a Monday morning, could it be from some bad habitual thoughts that you’ve created over the course of time? Perhaps you’ve programmed yourself to believe that when Monday rolls around it means you have get back into “work mode” and deal with all of those icky emails that have piled up over the weekend. How different is Monday compared to say, Friday? Could it be that the only difference is the “label,” not the actual course of events?

Shift Your Thoughts

If you’re a creature of habit, how about trying something new? ¬†Why do you have to jump right into those emails. Can’t they wait? Just give this a try and tell yourself it’s just a little “experiment.” Is there anything really¬†keeping you from you spending the first fifteen minutes or half hour of the day taking time to give yourself some mental candy in the form of knitting or another activity that you love?

The Magic of Practicing Gratitude

If I need a pick me up, I quickly take mental note of all the things I’m grateful for. As soon as I begin this activity, my mind suddenly shifts to positive thoughts. I think about how there are so many unfortunate beings in this world that don’t even have a roof over there head, or are able to wake up in the morning and pour a delicious cup of coffee or read a great book. I know these are little things I sometimes take for granted. I consider myself to be so fortunate. I don’t believe that I’m entitled to anything. Everything is a gift.

Don't take the little things for granted.

Our thoughts can change the way we see the world. Read this post for three ways that you can do this right now.

Just mixing things up can reprogram your thinking and before you know it you’ll be on your way to thinking Mondays are magnificent!

What you think about Mondays? Do they give you the blues, or do you embrace the day with a sense of excitement and gratitude?

Happy Monday!

5 Responses to Mindful Mondays- Refresh & Reprogram Your Monday Mindset

  1. Erin May says:

    Well, I’m a stay at home mom, so Mondays don’t have the same stigma for me, but I do find that waking up about 30 minutes before my toddler wakes, I can get my coffee, do a little knitting or researching a project, I feel less inclined to get frustrated when she gets really fussy from teething pains or is just in a foul mood. There are even days that she will let me do a little knitting while she is playing! Those days are wonderful!!

    • Kara says:

      Hi Erin May,
      I like to hear that you wake up thirty minutes early for “YOU” time. It’s so incredibly important. When I first had my son, I was a stay at home mom too. I did this for the first two years of his life and worked as a freelance editor. Boy, it was hard juggling, and in fact found it harder than going to the office because the dividing line between personal and professional life was not clear…but that’s another blog post!

      Finding that mind space in the morning to gather my thoughts, write, read and knit were just as crucial then as they are now. I consider my early-morning time to be an important “launchpad” that sets the tone for the entire day.

      Thanks for getting in touch!

  2. Julie says:

    You are so right. Monday is just the name of a day and it’s really all about the stories we tell ourselves about it. That’s true for so many things in my life. Maybe it’s not Monday mornings for me, but for example, the time when I get home from work/school and generally feel very overwhelmed and harried. That’s when I lose it with my daughter and my ability to enjoy life dips dramatically. But it’s just a story I’ve told myself about that time. And I too have so much to be grateful for, in particular, a beautiful amazing child to care for!!

  3. Christy Nutt says:

    I am interested in the name of the yarn you used in your photo posted on March 24, 2014. I love the shades of purples and pinks. Can you provide the pattern for the scarf also using this yarn? Thank you.

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