Learn a Stitch, Share the Love Knitalong Series–Free Washcloth Pattern #3: Mock Cable

By Tabetha Hedrick

What I especially love about this Mock Cable Washcloth pattern, is that you don’t need cable needles! Now, there are a variety of methods to achieve this same look (and called other names such as Left/Right Twist), but I’m going to show you the one recommended in the pattern. I will briefly describe another popular way at the end of the tutorial.


First, work in the pattern up to where the mock cable is going to go. Then, work the next two stitches as follows:

Mock Cable to the Right

[click image to enlarge]

[click image to enlarge]

Step 1: Ignore the first stitch on the left needle. Instead, knit into the second stitch like normal.

Step 2: Pull the new loop through and you’ll see it stretched over there on the right needle. Leave the old stitch that you just worked alone (ie: keep it on the left needle).

Step 3: Ignoring that second stitch now, you are just going to move your right needle tip over to the right and knit into the first stitch (the one we ignored in Step 1) like normal.

Step 4: Pull the new stitch through and look at how pretty it sits on the right needle next to the other stitch. Notice the two old stitches are still on the left needle.

[click image to enlarge]

[click image to enlarge]

Step 5: You NOW may drop both of those old stitches off the left needle!

See how easy that was?

Another variation for working this Right Twist is to:

Step 1: Knit the next two stitches together, just like the decrease except you are still going to leave the old stitches on the left needle.

Step 2: Pull the new loop through to the front to sit on the right needle.

Step 3: Slightly separate the two old stitches that you just knit together so that you can insert your right needle into the first stitch. You are going to knit that first stitch again, essentially.

Step 4: Drop the two old stitches off the needle!

[click image to enlarge]

[click image to enlarge]

This easy Mock Cable Washcloth pattern really allows the colors to shift and play across your fabric canvas, so experiment with different colors of Premier Home Cotton for fabulously fun results. Visit Annie’s to preview the full collection.

Before you go, be sure to share your finished block with me over on the Creative Knitting Fans Group on Ravelry!

Tabetha HedrickTabetha lives by the belief that joy comes when fully participating in the present moment, especially when it comes to fiber. Surrounding herself with yarn through knitting, designing, spinning and teaching ensures that blissful continuity. Tabetha is a regular contributor to Creative Knitting magazine, and is the editor of the Creative Knitting newsletter. To learn more about Tabetha, visit www.tabethahedrick.com.

4 Responses to Learn a Stitch, Share the Love Knitalong Series–Free Washcloth Pattern #3: Mock Cable

  1. Hi Kara, I grabbed your lovely button! Your blog is fabulous! Thanks for sharing 🙂
    Have a wonderful weekend!
    Big hugs from Portugal,
    Ana Love Craft

  2. Eleanor says:

    I love this pattern. I would like to make this pattern into a lapghan so what would the multiples be for the pattern.

    • Kara says:

      Hi Eleanor,
      I think your best bet is to figure out how wide you’d like your lapgan and then do a little math to figure out your cast on sts. For example, if you know that you need to cast on 50 sts to make one square that measures 8 1/2 inches wide, just figure out how many of those you’d need and add up the stitch count for your cast on row. This is the easiest approach that you could figure out yourself with some simple math.

      Good luck!

  3. Jennie says:

    Thank you so much for giving such clear step-by-step instructions for the Mock Cable stitch. I had been attempting to the second version with minimal instructions, but it didn’t feel right, and sure enough, I’d been knitting the second stitch again instead of the first. The way you explained it made much more sense!

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