The Editor Wants to Know: What are Your Holiday Knitting Habits?

The editor wants to know!

What are your Holiday knitting habits? Do you knit before, during or after the holidays? Or, do you find that your knitting routine stays the same regardless of the season?

I find that knitting provides me with even more comfort during the hurried Holiday season. I get so excited about the idea of knitting special gifts for friends and loved ones but sometimes I fall short because I overestimate the time I really have.

Watch the video below where I ask this burning question, and please chime in and let me know how how you keep knitting thorough the Season!

4 Responses to The Editor Wants to Know: What are Your Holiday Knitting Habits?

  1. Sharon Wasmund says:

    I knit all year,I have made 4 sweaters,4 scarfs,cowl,fingerless mittens,many dish clothes for friends in a class.Had orders for ruffled scarfs,5 of them.The only thing that stops me is my hands so I have to work around them every day.
    Love to knit,crochet and crafts,jewelry.
    Busy hand busy mind.

  2. KAYE says:

    I knit year round. I have no problem combing knitting and crocheting !

  3. Kathy says:

    I was knitting like crazy to meet the Christmas deadline for grandkids and great grandkids. Now my pace has slowed, but it never stops! In order to complete personal projects and some for adult family and friends, I am “stamping” pillowcases for birthday presents! Wouldn’t know what to do if I couldn’t knit!

  4. Elaine Syfert says:

    I knit all year around, I have a group of 11 ladies who meets once a week, we pray, we break bread, we do a little gossip and we knit all year long for the homeless in Miami, FL and also for the premature babies at the hospital. Most of my ladies didn’t know how to knit and in the course of 5 yrs, they all know how, of course easy things, I translate into Spanish the direction I find in the Creative Knitting magazine. I don’t particularly like mixing crochet and knitting, besides the ladies in my group are all retired and some have their difficulties.

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