The Editor Wants to Know: Are You a One or Multi-Color Kinda Knitter?

The editor wants to know!

I love to work with one color at a time. Having to manage multiple yarns at once tends to make me sweat. After a long day at the office, I just want to hang with my peeps, and knit for the sake of knitting.

I love the rich look of a color piece, and my favorite method is mosaic colorwork. This technique allows you to work with multiple colors, but here’s the trick– you work with only one color for two rows; on the second row, you slip the color not in use. This essentially “draws” the color up to the row you’re working and it looks as if it was worked on that row. Pretty cool.

Mosaic Knitting

Mosaic knitting requires you to use only one color per row. Now carrying yarns required!

So what’s your cup of tea? Are you a knitter that absolutely loves color knitting and you just can’t get enough of all things Fair Isle?

Chime in here and let me know what tickles your fancy!

8 Responses to The Editor Wants to Know: Are You a One or Multi-Color Kinda Knitter?

  1. Marianne says:

    Truth be told, I’ve never worked with more than one color at a time. I have however changed colors to make a child’s ball, that was simple but have never figured out how to “carry” the other color along. That is on my “learn to do” list for sure!

  2. Judy Menzel says:

    Like you, multiple colors are a bit stressful, but I love the look, so am always on the lookout for “easy” multi-color ideas. One I’ve been enjoying of late is double knitting. You knit with two colors, but only one per side. Makes for much neater stripes too.

  3. Debbie Ford-True says:

    Multi color knitting is great for small projects.

  4. Barbara Morgan says:

    I have done a lot of color work. Every time I find a project that will require working with multiple colors at the same time, I debate whether I really want it because I know it will drive me crazy. If I love it enough, I will still knit it. Mosaic & stripes are much easier, although only 2 colors at a time isn’t a problem.

  5. I also use one yarn color at a time.. I am still trying to find the best way of using multi-dyed yarns so the colors will not pool. I love lace, still learning. I think more than one color takes away from lace. I also enjoy knitting easy texture and I like solid color yarn for that!
    Shalom, Grace

  6. Judy Crary says:

    I am a multi color knitter.

  7. BJ Doolittle Tuininga says:

    I once did Fair Isle knitting until I discovered Aran knitting. Now I concentrate on bettering my Aran skills, designing individual sweater patterns and the increasing the difficulty of the patterns. I still use color, as I find many people like non-traditional colors for their Aran sweaters as well as the traditional. While some are a challenge, this a wonderful achievement for me as I sustained a TBI in 2008 and thought that I would never regain these abilities…

  8. Mary Revels says:

    Mostly one color, but I have worked with more.

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