Make It a Mindful Monday: Knitting & Mindfulness–Perfect Companions

Make it a Mindful Monday!

Let’s make Mondays a little more magnificent and add the practice of mindfulness into the mix.  Let’s be honest, sometimes the top of the week can be a downer, especially when the weekend flies by and then all of a sudden you’re back to the daily grind. The good new is– this feeling that you have is just a habit and a mindset that you can change. If you feel overwhelmed or blue at the beginning of your work week, you CAN do something about it!

5 Ways to Change Your Mindset Right Now:

#1 Breathe— just some simple inhaling and exhaling can be energizing.

#2 Move It!— lace up those sneakers and get moving! Don’t think about it too much, or you might bail. As soon as your blood starts pumping, it sends “happy juice” to your brain! Don’t talk yourself out of it because you think you don’t have enough time. Just 10-20 minutes will set you up for a fulfilling day ahead.

Move it!

Move it!


#3 Comfort Knitting– make yourself a cozy new cowl in the round. There’s something about circular knitting and small circumference projects that is so soothing.  I personally find that the motion of knitting in a circle continuously is like a form of meditation because you’re not interrupted by having to turn your work.

#4 Create Positive Affirmations–  make a list of quotes or thoughts that immediately inspire you. Write them on index cards so you can read them whenever you need a motivational boost. You may also find these Elizabeth Zimmermann quotes inspiring, and check out these top 100 motivational quotes of all-time.

Finding inspiration at every turn is easy if you look for it!

Finding inspiration at every turn is easy if you look for it!


#5 Practice Gratitude– Make a list of everything you’re grateful for. As soon as you do this, I guarantee you’ll begin to realize how much abundance you have in your life!

Wishing you a marvelously mindful Monday!

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  1. Gretchen McFarland says:

    Knitting is meditation. Thanks for a great article!

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