The Editor Wants to Know: Do You Prefer Quick-Knits That Take Days to Complete or Projects That Require Months to Complete?
Are you after quick-knits that offer the feeling of instant gratification?

Ethereal Dream by Michelle Tresse, Simple Hip Knit Scarves from Annie’s.

In our busy lives, we always have to make choices, and unfortunately that applies to our knitting projects as well. When it comes to making those choices, do you opt for an easy, quick-knit project, or do you lean toward that longer-range project that might take months to complete?

For myself, it tends to depend on which way the wind blows. I’m a fickle knitter and I envy those who can choose a project and stick with it until completion. One week, I may be in the mood for a quick-knit and then the next I may want to work on a seamless pullover.

How about you? Do you like that quick, instant-gratification, or do love the idea of relishing in the process that it takes to complete a garment?

10 Responses to The Editor Wants to Know: Do You Prefer Quick-Knits That Take Days to Complete or Projects That Require Months to Complete?

  1. Savannagal says:

    I actually like both. I usually have at least one large garment going, mostly because it takes me forever to complete a large garment. But I also have a sock, hat, dishcloth, or other small item going too so I can carry it with me wherever I go.

  2. Judy Menzel says:

    I tend to prefer quick projects as I enjoy moving on to new projects. Having said that I currently have several large and/or more complicated projects on my needles that require new technique skills and more concentration so are taking longer. Guess I just love to knit! BTW, just got the fall Annie’s catalog and love it! Lots of tempting patterns and yarns.

  3. Jean J says:

    I usually have one large project going but several small projects that I can work on to give myself a break. I made a large cabled afghan for a gift and while working on it made several baby sets with hat, booties, mitts, and blankets to match. Small projects are a must for going in the car or to appointments!

  4. Nance says:

    I like smaller projects to pick up in the evening but I generally do have one larger one on the needles too. I tend to get bored with the larger ones and like a break where I can finish something quickly and enjoy it.

  5. Karen Evans says:

    I also like both. I’ll often have one or two bigger projects on the go and then take up a shorter one just for a bit of a break or so that I can carry it around it with me more easily.

  6. I’m more of an instant gratification kind of crafter. Starting and stopping due to time constraints and, let’s face it, LIFE, will sometimes cause me to lose interest in big projects. I need to see results whether it’s knitting, crocheting, sewing, quilting. I did recently – and happily – finish a patchwork afghan that was a great mix of long-term and instant gratification. Each individual block (of 49) that I completed and added to the stack was a small victory and putting the whole thing together at the end was amazing. It’s beautiful!

  7. Carol says:

    I too prefer both. The big projects are rewarding, but sometimes I need the instant gratification that only a quick knit can provide.

  8. GRene says:

    I like all size projects, whether they be short-term or long-term. I like long-term during the winter and short-term during the spring and summer.

  9. Kornelia says:

    Hello, I like to do both as well. In summer however I tend to do quick projects, like socks for winter, a scarf or a hat. In winter when the weather is not so nice I tend to do bigger projects like sweaters. I live in TX where it is sooo hot in summer and my hands start to sweat, so quick projects, or should I say projects with thinner yarn are preferable. Happy Knitting!!!

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