The Editor Wants to Know: Do You Have a Favorite Knitting Needle? Bamboo, Wood or Metal?

What's kind of knitting needle do you like working with best?

Pick your poison- wood, bamboo or metal.

Certain knitting needles make more sense to use depending on the fiber you’re working with. For example, if you’re using a slinky yarn, you may want to go with a bamboo needle so it “grabs” the yarn.

My go-to needle is bamboo no matter what yarn I’m working with.  I know, I know, some of you may argue with my choice but I just love the feel of bamboo needles. They are light and easy to work with and they make my hands feel so good!


So tell me, what’s kind of knitting needle do you like working with best?


21 Responses to The Editor Wants to Know: Do You Have a Favorite Knitting Needle? Bamboo, Wood or Metal?

  1. Carol says:

    love Addi Turbo and square circular collage needles, easier on my hands, 68 year old knnitter!

  2. Brenda Grate says:

    My favourite choice is bamboo as well. I find they just feel better in my hands, maybe they have more give, I don’t know. I also only use circular needles no matter the project (unless I have to use double pointed needles or something specific). I find straight needles to be less comfortable for me to knit with.

  3. Leslie Wind says:

    I like using them all depending on my mood like the difference in pens. Sometimes I want a gel pen, sometimes a fountain pen and rarely, a plain old Bic. For feel I like both wood and bamboo and for sentiment, my hand me downs from my mother and other knitters.
    In the end it boils down to what have I got in the size I need.

  4. Sharon M. says:

    My favorite pretty much overall are the Chiaogoo Red Lace, which are metal. My other favorite is Knit Picks Harmony. I choose based on which one I want to use for each project. I love to try different needles, so have used just about every brand, except Signature. I refuse to pay that much, but I know it is just me.

  5. Judy Menzel says:

    Metal, the slicker the better. Can’t stand wood or plastic as they always stick and slow me down. Of course, the price I pay for my choice is the ever present risk of stitches sliding off the needles. Thank Heaven for circular needles that allow me to leave my stitches down in the center!

  6. Ramona says:

    I choose my needles to match my mood for a pattern. In another words, if I find that I will be doing a pattern that will require concentration, I will use my bamboo because they “grab” and they also feel great! For other patterns I use Stainless circular needles because they speed my work up and I see results quickly. I also like my bamboo dpns for smaller pieces that I don’t want sliding off all the time. I use tip protectors on the end of my really small ones and use them just like regular straight needles! That way the tiny projects and piece work I do will stay on the small scale, even with my needles.

  7. Bernie says:

    My favorite knitting needles are handmade glass knitting needles.

  8. Doris says:

    It depends on the project and yarn. Rarely do I use a straight set, but prefer circs whenever possible. If I must use a straight, I choose Balene (plastic) or aluminum. For circulars, I opt for squares or ChiaoGoo that are stainless steel. I’ve even tried wooden round toothpicks for very tiny project starts! Overall favorites: ChiaoGoos!!!

  9. Karen Evans says:

    Metal straights as first choice for me but I do use bamboo sometimes. I like something that feels really sturdy although I do have a tendency to bend the thinner ones after a while 🙂 The thinner bamboo ones just feel too light and flimsy in my hands.

  10. Ebony most of the time; I love my Lantern Mooon ebony circulars. They have just enough grip for most yarns. But I do have one Signature circular, and I quite like the very pointy points. I don’t like most nickel needles; they’re too slick for this loose knitter. My stitches fly right off!

  11. Debbie says:

    Give me the old Kollage Squares all day every day.

    The had a beautiful rose gold color and an effortless glide
    no matter the yarn.

    Unfortunately the new version is a distant also ran. . .


  12. I love KnitPro Nova, I love the smoothness of them and knit on circulars now more than straights.

  13. CoSuDu says:

    My favourite are the bamboo. I’ve used knitting needles of almost every material available and bamboo needles seem to work best for me. I also have a pair of expensive rosewood needles that are beautiful and work well but I could not justify paying for a whole set and bamboo are fairly reasonably priced.

  14. Kristin says:

    For Magic Loop sock knitting, I had been an AddiTurbo Sock Rockets girl until I discovered Hiya Hiya Sharp circulars. Wow, are they amazing!!!

    For straight needle knitting, it totally depends on what I am doing and what yarn I am using. I tend to fall back on my bamboos, but if it’s a particularly “grabby” yarn, then I’ll pull out the metal needles.

  15. Helen Stallard says:

    I thought knitting would not feel the same without my trusty metal needles, until my son sent me a set of bamboo ones. With my hands being increasing affected by arthritis, the lightness of bamboo is a blessing and I enjoy the tactile quality. I’ll be leaving my metal ones with some young people in Uganda, whom I’m teaching to knit, as needles are very scarce here and the metal ones should last.

  16. Definitely metal and usually circular. For me Hiya Hiya needles are my go to needles. I prefer them over the Addis and they are about half the price!

  17. Nancy says:

    The old Whalebone knitting needles are the best.
    Ebay or antique stores are the only place to pick up these.

  18. Clare says:

    Dyakcraft Darn Pretty wood, Dyakcraft Heavy Metal for sox Magic Loop.
    Second, Signature Arts and lastly Lantern moon ebony. have used almost current brand. You really get what you pay for and of course it depends on what you can afford. I have made beautiful knitted items on very inexpensive needles. So don’t despair purchase what you can affod, and if your circumstances change try some of the more expensive needles, keep your eye on the secondary market, lots of people have needles they love, but are no longer able to use.

  19. Bonnie Whitehead says:

    I love the feel of Deborah Norville needles HOWEVER the point at which the needle intersects with the cable is always ridged and difficult for passing stitches over it from the needle to the cable. I do so wish that this was only with one pair her needles but it seems to be characteristic of the brand; not limited to a needle size or cable length. Sadly, I am looking for a nicer needle now.

  20. Angela says:

    My favourite needles are the Birch Pearls, they have a metal rod with plastic overlay. Of course if I get stuck, I use my metal ones, but the Pearl’s are my all time favourite.

  21. Sharon Ford says:

    I have gotten hooked on Pearl needles made in Oregon. Long tip with rounded top, pick up stitches in a flash. The cord is thicker and holds heavy worsted easily without coming undone, like Knit Picks does. They never kink either. The plastic is soft and really easy on old hands. Just wish they were easier to find!

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