How to Knit a Decorative Bind-Off Edge
This kind of edging requires that you bind off several stitches in order for them to become part of a design. This method is fun and quite addictive once you get the hang of it, and it can add dimension to the simplest of designs. However, working multiple bound-off stitches can sometimes be confusing, especially to novice knitters. My knitting tutorial below will shed some light on this uncomplicated, yet often misunderstood, technique.
The following knitting tutorial explains how to work a few simple bound-off loops, which were created for my easy knitting pattern: Gone Loopy Scarflette, avaialble on Annie’s Attic. Sometimes, a written knitting pattern can make an easy technique sound complicated, and being the visual people that we knitters are, this step-by-step process will provide you with the “ah moment” you’ve been looking for.

Gone Loopy Scarf with decorative bound-off edging.
Here’s how to work the bind-off edging: 
After you’ve cast-on the required number of sts as stated in the pattern, knit 1 row.
Step 1:
Knit 2 sts, *bind off 7, leaving the last st on the right-hand needle.
When you’re finished, the stitches on your needle should look like the photo below.
You’ll notice that the first 2 stitches are not part of the 7 bound-off stitches, and that you’re left with the last bound-off stitch on the right-hand needle.
Step 1
Step 2:
With the last bound-off st still on the right-hand needle, knit 3 sts, then repeat from * as in Step 1.

Now that you created 3 more sts, your needle should look like the photo below. 

Step 2
Continue to repeat from * across the row, ending up with clusters of loops that resemble the photo below.
2 loops created.

Several loops together complete the decorative knitted edge.

8 Responses to How to Knit a Decorative Bind-Off Edge

  1. toni in florida says:

    Clear photos and explanation + cute project = a great post!

  2. Anonymous says:

    this looks great but how do you attach the edge to the scarf? I imagine that you make one edge and continue with knitting the scarf but how do you complete it?

  3. Anonymous says:

    AHA! I get it! Thank you!!!

  4. patriciawinona says:

    I like it! And it means a lot to me that Annie's Attic was willing to show us how to do it without profiting from the idea. Gives me a good feeling about you guys.

  5. Kara Gott Warner says:

    Michelle asks: How do you attach the loopy edge to the scarf, and complete the loops on the other side?

    Answer: After you've completed your "loopy edge" you still have stitches left on your needle. These would be the basis for your scarf, and all you need to do is continue knitting, or in the stitch pattern of your choice.

    The ending of the scarf is actully a series of new casted-on stitches…..with a tutorial soon to come!

    Hope this helps!

  6. LadyGray says:

    Have you ever done the tutorial (or instructions) on the actual ending of the scarf? I’d love to use this bind-off to end a prayer shawl!!

  7. Kathleen Stevens says:

    Hi there!

    please send me info about the matching cast off for this scarf thank you!!!!

    • Kara says:

      Hi Kathleen,
      This scarf is not longer available and this tutorial was simply to show you how to do this special kind of bind off. Enjoy!

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