The Sisterhood of Yarn–Miracle in Seattle: Easier Ways to Get Your Yarn to Japan

by Carri Hammett

Last week I wrote about my friend, Teddy Sawka in this post. Teddy is a Christian missionary who started a knitting group called Yarn Alive as an outreach to elderly tsunami survivors in Japan. I told the miraculous story of how 15 huge boxes of yarn were sent from Minnesota to Japan via Seattle. My friend Teddy and I called it the Miracle in Seattle. Teddy recently sent me this picture of what the boxes looked like when they arrived in Japan:

Boxes of yarn ready for Japan.

Boxes of yarn ready for Japan.

If you read the post, you will know that once again we are working to get a generous donation of yarn sent to Japan. I’ve heard from many readers on the West Coast who would prefer not to send the yarn to Minnesota just to have it sent back out to Seattle. Thanks to folks at Annie’s I was able to connect with Debie Frable, the owner of a yarn shop in the Seattle area. Debie has kindly offered her shop, Serial Knitters, to serve as a collection point for yarn. So if you would like to donate yarn to Yarn Alive and Seattle is closer to you than Minnesota please send it to the following address:

Yarn Alive
c/o Serial Knitters Yarn Shop
8427 122nd Ave NE
Kirkland, WA 98033

If you have a large shipment please contact me directly to make arrangements to send your box straight to the shipping terminal in Ferndale. My email address is

If you haven’t had a chance to do so, please read the original post. It will warm you heart and hopefully inspire you to help create a Miracle in Seattle Part Two!

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  1. danielle says:

    Oh, I am sooooo glad I took the time to look for this. Am working on my 4th box and I know there should be a couple more to do. Will not be able to send them all at once – when will the next shipment go to Japan????

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