Calling All Curious Knitters! BURNING Question of the Week: What is the Secret to Project Completion?
What is that special thing that makes you want to complete a knitting project?

What is that special thing that makes you want to complete a knitting project?

As I was perusing a mass of unfinished projects yesterday that I found in bags, bins and odd places throughout my house, I was left wondering why I start some projects to later abandon them, while others I knit with excitement until completion? After asking myself this question I noticed that my uncompleted projects share these characteristics:

–Garments worked back and forth as opposed to made seamlessly.

–Projects made with large needles and chunky yarn.

Having to turn my work disrupts the soothing rhythm of working in the round, and chunky yarn makes me tense!

So what about the “skeletons” in your closet? What’s are some of the reasons you abandon a project to start something new? Please share!

9 Responses to Calling All Curious Knitters! BURNING Question of the Week: What is the Secret to Project Completion?

  1. Sherry says:

    I have pondered why, some of my projects never see the completion light of day, and have come to realize, its simple boredom, up until about 6 years ago I could only crochet, but then via the wonderful internet was able to teach myself to knit. I began with trying to produce sweaters, afagans etc….only to rip them out, and save the yarn in my stash, (can’t stand bags of unfinished items laying around) but then I discovered knitted toys! I have not looked back, I finished all my projects now, they are quick knits,(thus I don’t get bored) and so cute and rewarding to give to those special kids in your lives.
    I have even worked Fair Isle and intarsia into my toys at times.

  2. Kara says:

    I guess when we find something that really resonates then that’s the magic ticket! I mentioned in my post that chunky yarn makes me tense…but I think if I were using chunky yarn while working in the round, I’d still be a happy camper because seamless knitting is what I enjoy most.

  3. Carmen says:

    The secret for finishing WIPs for me is deadlines. A birthday, a CAL / contest ending, Christmas. Without those deadlines I always run the risk of finding a different project that captures my interest. Especially if the project stalled in the first place because of an error, a difficult section, etc.

  4. Sharon Harris says:

    I don’t start a new pattern until the current one is completed. That gives me something to look forward to, therefore, getting the current item completed. Can’t handle unfinished anything.

  5. Pam Jackson says:

    I find that the unfinished projects I have around the house are usually the ones that I started thinking it would make a good gift only to find out that the person I had in mind when I started making it didn’t like the style or color. It always seems that I find this out after I’m most of the way through! I recently started to go through all my unfinished piles and have started to finish them. If nothing else, I can donate them to a worthy cause.

  6. Paula Kelso says:

    I also think that boredom on large projects makes me cast them aside uncompleted. If the project is a gift for someone and has a deadline, I tend to complete it. If I come across a stumbling block, and can’t easily get help, then the project is relegated to the unfinished pile. Small, quick knits are instantly gratifying. I wish I could be as sensible as some and not start a project until the one I’m working on is done, but I’ve come to realize that’s not my nature!

  7. Kathy Fraley says:

    Knitting something I love is the secret to completing projects. When I look back at my WIPs I discovered they seem to be ones that I thought I loved, but something changed. Sometimes the yarn I’m using isn’t working or the pattern isn’t working for me. I have a couple that I need to FROG and repurpose the yarn. Sometimes I just give the yarn away to someone that will use it or I’ve traded yarn with one of my knitting buddies. Either way I try to keep the WIPs down to a dull roar!

  8. Sheila says:

    I agree with Paula. I’ve recently been making small bags/purses out of scrap yarn. They are fun to make as I use all types of yarn and ribbon and stitches to create unique projects. The bonus is I’ve sold a few! A lot of the yarn is from sweaters my mother made when she was still alive. I can’t bear to throw it away. Now I have a use for it.

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