Not in the Knitting Mood? Make Some Yarn Art Instead!

As I was winding a gorgeous yarn from my stash into a nice pull-skein, (or at least trying to) all of a sudden a knot appeared out of nowhere. What an odd phenomenon that knots and tangles occur out of nowhere! How on earth could some simple little strands become an entangled mess?

As I was trying to make heads or tails of where to begin salvaging this lovely skein, I was fully aware of my impatience and frustration. I then began to sweat mildly while I was trying to fix the crazy tangles. I was ready to end it. You know– cut the yarn and be done with it, but I just didn’t have it in me. How could I possibly cut into this exquisite yarn? So, I decided to take a breath, and attend to this twisted maze.

To my surprise, I started to enjoying the process, and began marveling at how the yarn managed to intertwine upon itself. Just a few minutes later, it was set free and wound up into a tidy pull-skein ready to knit my next project!

A perfect little pull-skein. I can't wait to knit!

A perfect little pull-skein. I can’t wait to knit!

So what a “happy accident” this was. I was able to not only save this yarn from an untimely death, but I also cultivated a little patience in the process. I then found myself letting go and began to notice how beautiful the light streaming into my window was. For the most part, the day was dreary and overcast, but all of a sudden, the sun made an appearance and shed some light and inspiration into my little craft room. I had to quickly seize the moment. Carpe diem!

Behold the beauty of a simple strand of yarn.

Behold the beauty of a simple strand of yarn.

Instead of jumping right into knitting, I felt compelled to play with the yarn. I let go like a child at play. Being spontaneous like this doesn’t happen to often in my world, because my brain is constantly looping with “should do’s” every minute of the day, but this moment was so spontaneous and liberating.

Quick-Knit Tip: Don't feel like knitting? Create some yarn art!

Quick-Knit Tip: Don’t feel like knitting? Create some yarn art!

And a few double-point needles for good measure.

Quick-Knit Tip: Print your photos, frame and display them in your craft space.

Letting go felt so good…even if just for a moment. Give it a try today!

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4 Responses to Not in the Knitting Mood? Make Some Yarn Art Instead!

  1. Ponypal says:

    My grandma liked to say, “If a string is in a knot, patience will untie it. Patience can do many things. Did you ever try it?”

  2. Marianne says:

    Though I hate when skeins become a tangled mess, I do enjoy the challenge of “fixing” them. Just another chance to solve a puzzle, for as long as I can remember my friends and family would always just drop tangled messes and walk away and find something else to use. I would sit for hours and untangle, take out knots, rewind and place on their chair or table, or simply return to the friend. I guess I have the patience, it’s just fun for me, well, most of the time.. LOL

    • Kara says:

      I’m definitely not one to like tangled messes. It definitely disturbs my mood when all I want to do is knit! The next time I have a big knotted mess, I’ll send the yarn your way 🙂

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