Kara’s Quick-Knit Tip: Easy Peasy “Faux” Lace

Now that spring is in the air, it’s nice to start thinking about creating knitted garments and accessories that are light-weight. Cumbersome knits, even those made with DK- weight yarns with dense stitches just don’t cut it when the weather begins to warm up.

Garments created using openwork and simple lace techniques can easily be achieved. All you need is an open mind and these 4 things:

  1. Set of size U.S. #13 knitting needles
  2. Set of size U.S. #10 knitting needles
  3. Worsted or DK-weight yarn
  4. Lace or fingering-weight yarn

Now, let’s play around with the simple garter stitch pattern shown in the photo below. I did nothing fancy here except every six rows I changed yarn and needle size. Here’s how I did it:

Cast on the desired number of stitches using the size #13 needle and worsted or DK-weight yarn.

Step 1: With #13 needle, knit 6 rows with worsted or DK-weight yarn.

Step 2: Change to lace or fingering weight yarn and size #10 needle. Knit 6 rows.

Repeat steps 1-2 for pattern. 

Meshy Garter Stitch

If you want to explore more of what lace an openwork has to offer, you may be interested in the Creative Knitting Special Interest Issue: Easy, Everyday Openwork & Lace which includes 43 ways to enhance and grow your lace and openwork knowledge.

Also…check back here soon because I’ll be posting a tutorial video by designer and Creative Knitting Newsletter editor Tabetha Hedrick. In this video, Tabetha will show you  ways to create the look of openwork–effortlessly. You don’t want to miss her video!

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