Spring Forward and Win Some Free Yarn!
As the new editor of Creative Knitting magazine, I’m tickled pink to have the ability to share many of the exciting new products to hit the scene. I’ve decided to “share the love,” and give you a chance to win the Eco-friendly and sustainable yarns featured in this bowl!
These 5 yarns will be featured in the July issue of Creative Knitting magazine, in Judith Durant’s informative article: Knitting With a Conscience, a review of some of this season’s new earth-friendly yarns.
Yarns featured in bowl:
Bowl by Kathi Mohlman. She sells her bowls in her Etsy shop. Or visit: http://www.earthnelements.com/ (Bowl not included in contest)
  • Bambino- A soft and sound blend of organic cotton with bamboo. Machine washable.
  • Remix– Made from 100% recycled fibers, and is machine washable. 30% Nylon, 27% Cotton, 24% Acrylic, 10% Silk, 9% Linen.
  • Natural Earth Cotton – 100% naturally-pigmented cotton.
  • Renew Wool– a sport-weight soft wool blend featuring 35% repurposed wool reclaimed from the mill. Its soft texture make it ideal for colorwork, textured pullovers, and felting.
  • Corntastic- Plied 100% corn yarn is an eco-friendly alternative to traditional cotton and wool yarns. Machine wash and dry for easy-care.
The Rules: Put your yarn knowledge to the test: Send me a comment, stating which yarn companies make each of the 5 yarns in the bowl, which are listed above by yarn name. If you guess all of them right, your name will be put into a drawing to win one skein of each these yarns!
The contest had been extended! Send me your comments by midnight Wednesday, April 20th. All comments will be posted after the contest ends, along with the winner!
In order to be considered in the drawing, please send your name and email.

I can’t wait to see what you come up with!

16 Responses to Spring Forward and Win Some Free Yarn!

  1. mishlhini says:

    Bambino is Be Sweet
    Remix is Berroco
    Natural Earth Cotton is Tahki
    Renew Wool is Rowan
    Corntastic is Kollage


    Here is a list of who makes each of the 5 yarns:
    Bambino Yarn – One Planet Yarn & Fiber
    Remix Yarn – Berroco
    Natural earth Cotton – Tahki
    Renew Yarn – Rowan Purelife
    Corntastic – Kollage

    I absolutely love knitting. I always have several projects going at once.

    Katie Stuart

  3. MJWimbishi says:

    I think I know these yarns..have used some of them… Bambino is by Bee Sweet'
    Remix is by Berroco
    Natural Earth Cotton is by Tahki
    Renew Wool by Universal
    Corntastic by Kollage

    I am Maryjo at maryjotulsa@gmail.com

  4. Anonymous says:

    Wonderful pastel colors. I would love the chance to knit with these spring/renewal yarns.

    Bambino Be Sweet
    Remix Berroco
    Natural Earth Cotton Takhi
    Renew wool Universal Yarn
    Corntastic Kollage

    Oops, not wiswalker07 but madknitter07 on Ravelry.

  5. georgegott says:


    Bambino – Be Sweet
    Remix – Berruco
    New Earth Cotton – Tahki
    Renew – Rowan
    Corntastic – Kollage

  6. KBlicious says:

    Bambino – Be Sweet

    Remix – Berroco

    Natural Earth Cotton – Tahki

    Renew Wool – Universal

    Corntastic – Kollage

    Thanks for contest!

  7. Brooke says:

    Bambino – Be sweet

    remix – Berroco

    Natural Earth Cotton – Tahki

    Renew Wool – Rowan purelife

    Corntastic – Kollage

    my email is Brookepink4@yahoo.com

  8. Anonymous says:

    Be Sweet
    Rowen Puren Life

  9. TrishCarpenter says:

    Here are my answers:

    Bambino = Be Sweet
    Remix = Berroco
    Natural Earth Cotton = Tahki
    Renew Wool = Rowan Purelife
    Corntastic = Kollage (which is very fun to knit with!)

    Name: Patricia Carpenter
    E-mail: trishcarpenter@gmail.com

  10. suddenexpression says:

    Bambino is made by One Planet Yarn & Fiber. Remix is Berroco's yarn. Tahki Yarns makes Natural Earth Cotton. Universal Yarn makes Renew Wool. And Kollage Yarn makes Corntastic, which I have heard of and would really like to try! Thanks for informing me of all the eco-friendly yarns out there!


  11. Geraldine says:

    Bambino – Be Sweet Yarns
    Remix – Berroco
    Natural Earth Cotton – Tahki Yarns
    Renew Wool – Universal Yarns
    Corntastic – Kollage Yarns

  12. Anonymous says:

    Lovely spring colors. They remind me of colored Easter eggs. I would love the opportunity to knit with these yarns.
    Bambino Be Sweet
    Remix Berroco
    Natural Earth Cotton Takhi
    Renew wool Universal yarn
    Corntastic Kollage

    I'm resending my comment to include my name and email address

  13. womanwithstixs says:

    These are all beautiful yarns.
    Be Sweet.
    Rowan Purelife.
    Kollage yarns.

    Great contest idea!
    Carla Haverland

  14. Madi Nayar says:

    Lovely colors – would love to try them:)!

  15. Mary Jo says:

    I have been making sox with bamboo, love it! They are wonderful.

  16. cecelia marvin says:

    here is a list of who makes what
    Bambino Yarn- 1 Planet Yarn &Fiber
    Remix Yarn – by Berroco
    Natural Earth Cotton – Tahki
    Renew Yarn – Rowan Purelife
    Corntastic- Kollage

    I belong to a knitting group that knits for charity
    it is nice to belong to this group, so many groups
    are just into self…but it can be quite costly to knit with natural fibers for charity, and in my local towns there is so much need for hats and gloves, even to local hospital’s cancer center where people are always so cold while in treatment and sitting at home … a simple hat brings to much warmth… I smile everytime I see some one with a hat on that I know I knitted mistakes and all… that’s what homemade looks like. Now if my group of volunteers could just learn how to get yarn at a discount we could make so much more. I coupon at a time for one skein takes forever.

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