Lunchtime Quick-Knit Tip Video: Chart Reading Part 3

Here it is! My third and final installment of a 3-Part Series on Chart Reading. In this short Lunchtime Quick-Knit Tip Video, I will demonstrate a few more rows of the Scroll Lace knitting chart.

In this video, I will show you how to purl two stitches together through the back loops which can be tricky at times, but with a little practice and help from this video, you’ll quickly get the hang of this technique. I’ll also briefly explain how to “read your knitting” so you can understand why purling through the back loops is necessary in this pattern.

If you’re ready to explore all that lace knitting has to offer, you may want to take a look at Creative Knitting’s new Special Interest issue Easy, Everyday Openwork & Lace.  This publication offers a systematic approach to lace and openwork, with each chapter opening with a self-guided tutorial. Topics include: fixing mistakes in lace, using stitch markers as “lifelines,” reading charts and blocking techniques specifically geared towards lace and openwork.

Easy, Everyday Openwork & Lace

Creative Knitting Magazine Presents: Easy, Everyday Openwork & Lace

Visit the archive pages for my Lunchtime Quick-Knit Tip videos, and Kara’s Quick-Knit Tips and stay tuned for my next video coming soon!

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