The Makings of a Knitting Magazine: Part 1
The Swatch Review

The Swatch Review

Today kicks off Part 1 in my 3-Part Series: The Makings of a Magazine on I’m so excited to share this Series because it will give you an inside look at exactly how we put together a magazine from start to finish.

If you’re a new designer or would like to start designing your own hand knitting patterns for the first time, this article will lead you in the right direction. I will explain how to submit a design to Creative Knitting magazine and what a professional presentation looks like. I will also share links so you can get started right away.

I hope you enjoy the article and please let me know what you think!

Check back next month for Part 2: Concept, Color & Creation. I will discuss how designs are chosen, color stories are created and how a theme is determined for each issue of Creative Knitting magazine.

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