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Kara Gott Warner, Executive Editor of Creative Knitting magazine

Kara Gott Warner, Executive Editor of Creative Knitting magazine

Sarah E. White, editor of recently asked me to share “my story” and how I started down the path to becoming editor of Creative Knitting magazine.

My journey started when I was young. From as early as I can remember, I always had a sketch book and my favorite thing to draw was the “Ziggy.” After I completed my drawing, I would write the date and my age. I’m not sure why, but I guess that was just my quirky little “thing.”

When I first discovered knitting it was around age 12, but I let it go for awhile to focus on other kid pursuits. My true passion for knitting was rediscovered in the early 1990s while working in New York City. Each day on my lunch break I frequented the happiest little yarn shop around the corner from where I worked. It was the highlight of my day!

I was determined to somehow make knitting a career, but I had no idea where to start. I just knew I finally found my calling and I was determined to make it happen. All I needed to do was put a plan into place and keep learning and developing my skills. Then, I had to gather the right information and start talking to people who were already doing it.

Having discovered knitting as a passion is truly a gift.  Feeling stressed, or blue? No problem because knitting is always my cure. How many people can say that? I think this is why you’ll always find a project in my bag…I just may need a little pick me up!

You can read my full interview with Sarah here.

Check back tomorrow for Part 1 of my 3-Part Series on The Makings of a Magazine, Part 1: The Submission Process and Piles of Proposals.

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