Kara’s Quick-Knit Tip: Pick Up & Knit

Sometimes a project calls for picking up and knitting along the edge of an accessory or garment. I find that that this technique is a nice “after-thought” way to add some simple embellishment to the edge of a pullover, a purse, a scarf…whatever.

A great way to practice this is along the edge of a leftover gauge swatch. Make it fun by working in a different color to add a little variety.

To get started, follow these simple steps:

Pick Up & Knit Step 1

  • With the right side of the fabric facing you and working one stitch in from edge, insert the tip of the knitting needle in the space between the first and second stitches.
Pick Up & Knit Step 2

Pick Up & Knit Step 2

  • Wrap the yarn around the needle.Pull the loop through to the front. Repeat until you have picked up the number of stitches indicated in the pattern.


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  1. Anne Borden says:

    Thank you for offering this joining video. Have avoided learning it for entirely too long.

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