Kara’s Quick-Knit Tip: Applied I-Cord Bind Off

In this post, I promised that I would show you how to make an attached I-cord. Adding an applied I-cord is an indispensable technique for creating a nice, clean look to a bound-off neckline.  Try these three simple steps to get started:

Horizontal Applied I-Cord

Horizontal Applied I-Cord/I-Cord Bind-Off

Step 1: On the last row or round before you would normally bind off, work as follows: cast on 4 sts (use provisional cast-on if you’re going to want to graft the ends of the I-cord together)

Step 2: Slip the 4 sts to LH needle.

Step 3: K3, sl 1 st knitwise, knit 1 st from main fabric, pass slipped st over (or ssk the sts tog) Do not turn. Pass the 4 I-cord sts back to the RH needle.

Repeat Step 3 until all the sts are bound-off.

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