Super-Easy Seed-Stitch Topper


When I set out to design the Super-Easy Seed-Stitch Topper, it was because I knew my son London (pictured below) would need a new hat to stay warm this winter. I wanted to knit something really fast that would not require much pattern reading. I decided to use Galway Chunky from Plymouth Yarn, because they have a great kid and adult-friendly color range. You only need 1 ball for the one-color version, or 2 for the two-color version. You’ll have this done in just a few hours. Or if you’re a speedy knitter, maybe just one hour is all you’ll need!

Super Easy Seed-Stitch Topper

Super-Easy Seed-Stitch Topper, featured in the Winter 2012 issue of Creative Knitting.


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  1. Lonnie Zbiegien says:

    I have been knitting for many years. A friend brought the current issue of your magazine to our knitting group.I love this magazine! There are many projects I want to do in each issue, not a bunch of advertising! I have never contacted a company to make a coment, but you got me….. I just filled out the form to subscribe to your magazine and can’t wait for the first issue to come. Happy Knitting :o)

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