Cornelia Tuttle Hamilton: A Poetic Celebration of Color

With pattern names like Alcott, Angelou and Bronte, it’s hard not to be inspired by the hand-knitting patterns envisioned by prolific designer, Cornelia Tuttle Hamilton.  With 30 years in the knitwear industry, she started her illustrious design career in the early 1980’s, designing ready-to-wear hand-knit designs under her own label for high-end New York City boutiques such as Henri Bendel.  Having reached the top of the industry, she was ready for a new adventure, and Hamilton Tuttle left the Big Apple for a new life in Sweden.

In collaboration with Universal Yarn, Cornelia developed Poems Book 2: Reflections. This pattern booklet contains 10 hand knitting patterns, consisting of: cardigans, pullovers, and accessories for women, including a man’s cardigan and computer case. “Cornelia is wonderful to work with—she brings years of experience and a depth of experience and perspective in design that makes her a wonderful partner in the expansion of the Wisdom Yarns Poems family of self-shading yarns,” says Michael delVecchio, Creative Director at Universal Yarn. Tuttle Hamilton has seen many companies come and go, and right from the start she knew there was something different about Universal.

Angelou, from Poems Book 2: Reflections, Cornelia Tuttle Hamilton for Universal Yarn

Color Play Capelet, by Cornelia Tuttle Hamilton for Creative Knitting No Sew Seamless Knits

Cornelia’s Color Play Capelet, featured in Creative Knitting’s No Sew, Circular & Seamless Knits, was made with Poems and Puzzle from Universal Yarn. Puzzle is actually knit onto the resulting fabric created by Poems, not woven as might be expected. This causes the back of the knitted fabric to remain uniform while all the texture is on the front. The end result is all about rich surface design. The use of the eyelet pattern lightens up what might otherwise be considered a rather dense fabric. This “woven look” has become Hamilton-Tuttle’s distinctive signature style, which she also incorporates into several designs found in Reflections. This design is easily worked in the round from the bottom-up.

For my quick tutorial on knitting in the round on a circular needle, click here.

New-Sew, Circular & Seamless Knits

To learn more about Cornelia Tuttle Hamilton and Universal Yarn, read this article in its entirety as featured in Creative Knitting’s Special Interest publication: No Sew, Circular & Seamless Knits.

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