Evening Rituals: Tea Parties

Not too long ago I shared my morning ritual in this post where I discussed the importance of creating a “launch pad” from which I can begin each day. Not only do I find this important to do each morning, but finding those moments to wind down each evening are just as necessary.

My favorite nightly ritual is to make make myself herbal tea. I boil the water in a small cast iron tea pot painted red and I drink my tea from the same beautiful hand-painted cup. I’ve always been intrigued by Asian tea ceremonies because there’s something so sacred about the process. Every action from boiling the water, infusing the tea to the act of drinking is a truly meaningful experience. As I sip my tea, I feel gratitude for having received the blessing of another wonderful day.

Cup of Joy

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  1. I have a similar ritual but using my stovetop espresso maker in the morning!

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