“Unknitting” and Learning Something New

An inspiring note from Creative Knitting reader, Elizabeth Wheeler:

Your comments in the September 2012 issue editorial about “learning something new” when your knitting seems to be off, was so on-target for me. I have been working on a pair of socks with a lace patterned ankle. I’ve ripped it out (actually, “unknitted” it) 5 or 6 times because I would get to the fourth needle and have the wrong number of stitches to complete the pattern. What I learned in this process is that, sometimes a yarn over from the previous row stayed on the needle when I knit through it – adding a stitch or two.

Taking a step back to move forward offers some enlightening opportunities for growth.

Also, I wrote observations on the pattern to remind me of what should be happening on the particular row, For example – “the 4th knit stitch (in this row) is in the yarn over from the last row”. This way I can check out what is happening needle by needle. I have now gotten about 30 rows done without a mistake.

Thanks for a really great magazine. I appreciate that the editorial made me feel less like a “dumb bunny” and more like a scholar.


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