Kara’s Quick-Knit Tip: Little Knit Jewels From Scrap Yarns

A few weeks ago, I discussed how you can show off your leftover scrap yarns in mason jars in my Pretty Little Leftovers post. Today, I will discuss how you can get some “instant gratification” by making quick knitted jewelry with your leftover bits of yarn.

I’ll admit, I’m OBSESSED these days with making flowers and bracelets of all shapes and sizes. My favorite nightly ritual is this– after dinner, I make myself a little pot of herbal tea. Then, I proceed to pull out my pretty little baskets and mason jars filled with leftover scarp yarns, especially put aside for these special creations.

Best-kept knitting secret: brew up some fabulous herbal tea before you cast on!

I ususally like to reach for lace or DK weight, but I’ve been known to be a bit spontaneous and go right for a chunky weight paired with a superfine yarn. Experimenting like this is such a thrill, because it often results in some very interesting effects, and I’m rarely disappointed with the outcome.

I’m also a big collector or vintage buttons and beads. You’ll find various containers in my craft room. Adding just one simple button, a large antique glass bead, or a vintage belt buckle to a simple i-cord bracelet takes it from ordinary to extraordinary.

Some vintage buttons add that extra touch to your little knitted creations.

Hey! Do you have a special tip? Send it my way and I just might publish it on this blog or in Creative Knitting magazine. For more tips, visit the archives here.

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