My Little Morning Ritual

What do you do each morning to start your day?  In this previous post I talk about my sacred space and how important it is for me to find those little morning spaces that I can carve out just for me. Today, I want to share what I do each morning to help create a positive outlook for my day ahead.

I recently read an inspiring post from Australian blogger Sarah Wilson: The Elegance of a Morning Routine. In her article, she describes in detail how she starts her day. She refers to her morning ritual as  a “launch pad” to set the day off in a positive direction.

If there’s one thing I know for sure- If I take care of myself first, then it’s a heck of a lot easier to benefit everyone else. This way of thinking is NOT selfish. How could we possibly begin to help others if we can’t help ourselves?

Here’s my current routine:

  • Up at 5 am: I like to take about 20 minutes or so to ease into the morning. I make a cup of coffee and read something inspiring to get me motivated for my workout.
  • I head outside for a run. I move every morning, so if I can’t do more than a 30 minute run, I promise myself that I’ll do at least 20–no matter what! Since I’m outdoors, I always mix things up by adding in walking lunges, burpees, triceps dips, push ups and other exercises that don’t require weights.
  • Mid-week, I mix things up by taking a cycle class.
  • I top my workout off with a yoga session outside. When I run, I like to go to the high school track, so I take my yoga mat along and find a perfect little spot on the grass for my session.
  • The cherry on the cake– 15-20 minutes of breathing meditation. This really sets my intention in motion and quiets my mind.

When it gets too hot in the morning, I’ll take my workouts into the gym. I love the fact that I can mix things up because I get bored very easily! The secret to my motivation is– planning ahead by structuring my morning routine so I have variety, and I always have music that really pumps me up!

Do you have a launch pad to start your day?

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