Kara’s Quick-Knit Tip: Yarn Eggs

These nifty creations are called yarn eggs, and they seem to be all the rage right now. There’s no knitting involved: just blow up some balloons, grab some glue, call the kids and have lots of yarny fun! 

Source: duitang.com via Andrea on Pinterest


4 Responses to Kara’s Quick-Knit Tip: Yarn Eggs

  1. Bluebell says:

    Oh, how CUTE, I can’t wait to make these for Easter decorations! I have some tiny ribbon roses, that I think would be perfect stuck on to these.
    Thank you for sharing
    Warm Regards

  2. Bethany says:

    We used to make these as kids in the ’80’s & ’90’s. It works best with cotton crochet thread. It’s finer and you can put more on them. We also used to cut holes in the sides and fill them with Easter grass and put chocolate easter eggs in them.

  3. Louise Redwood says:

    Brilliant idea…I have lots of odd ends of sock wool that will be perfect for this…the kids will love it..(and me too!!)

  4. Jessika says:

    These are adorable!!
    So all you use is glue?
    Or do you mix the glue with something else too?

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