The Tale of a Yarn That’s Good For You!

Sifa Cotton from Knit Outta the Box

By Laurie GonyeaHave you ever wondered why the goblets that ancient kings and queens drank from, or the crowns that they wore, were mostly made from precious metals like silver, gold or copper? I always thought it was because they were rich, after all they were royalty, but the aesthetic beauty of the polished metals is only part of the story.In ancient times, these metals were known for their healing properties and were considered to have tremendous physical benefits to those who came in contact with them.

Copper is supposed to help you look and feel younger and boost your body’s circulatory system.  It is said to improve the elasticity of the skin, reduce wrinkles and even stop or reverse the process of hair turning gray.  Forget the Fountain of Youth—pour me a drink from a copper goblet!

Gold is said to increase happiness and bring you to the point of complete relaxation, while at the same time increasing your IQ by 35 percent!  Now the crowns of gold make perfect sense, don’t they?

Silver was thought an excellent metal for overall good health.  Some consider it the most effective natural healing agent known to man.

Given all of this, imagine my enthusiasm when I discovered an amazing cotton yarn that is spun with pure silver!  The yarn is produced in Turkey by KB Yarns and is called, Sifa (pronounced SIF-FUH) Silver Cotton.  Cool in summer and warm in winter, it makes the ideal year-round yarn.  Sifa actually means “healing” in Turkish, and the story goes that this yarn was created for the spinner’s mother who suffered from rheumatoid arthritis and swore that every time she wore the socks she knit with it, her feet felt better.

While I can’t make any claim that this yarn will cure all that ails you, prevent your hair from turning gray or make you smarter, I will say that every time I wear the socks or fingerless gloves that I knit out of SifaSilver Cotton, consisting of 90% Turkish cotton and 10% pure silver, my hands and feet feel great.  Is it all in my head? I don’t know.  But I do know that a dear friend of mine currently going through chemotherapy treatment tells me that she wears the Double Twist Turban that I knit for her all the time—even to bed—because when she wears it she “just feels better.”

Double Twist Turban, made with Sifa Cotton by Knit Outta the Box.

Click image above to view video!

Double Twist Turban Video Demo Video from Knit Outta the Box.

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Sifa, A Yarn That Feels So GOOD!

Knit Outta the Box, is the exclusive U.S. distributor for Sifa Silver Cotton.  Why not try it out for yourself using this free knitting pattern for Kara’s Fingerless Gloves, as shown in our fun little video above.


Laurie Gonyea is the founder and owner of Knit Outta the Box. She lives in Washington DC, but grew up in Michigan. She has two beautiful daughters, and a wonderful husband. As Laurie says, “Life is good!”

8 Responses to The Tale of a Yarn That’s Good For You!

  1. Lakshmi Moorty says:

    I love this Yarn! Does it really have silver thread in it? Yes silver is good for the body. Can you go through the Airport Security wearing the sweater made out of this yarn? Where can I buy it? I want to make a baby blanket and sweater in natural, blue and pink colors.


  2. Lianne Gabe says:

    Wouldn’t the knitted item tarnish over time? It may sound silly, but seriously, I know how silver behaves.

    • Kara says:

      The silver in this yarn is barely visible to the eye. The process involves the insertion of small filaments of silver, so not to worry and if it tarnishes, I’m sure you’ll never notice! 🙂

    • Holly says:

      Hi, I work in textiles and a similar fiber is used in thread form for producing antimicrobial surgical attire. It is impossible for it to tarnish as the fiber is a very different medium from polished silver metal objects which have gone through several processes. The silver filament fibers are created through ionization. I would love to try out this yarn 🙂

  3. Peggy says:

    What an interesting yarn! I will check it out. I absolutely love the socks. Can you tell me if there is a pattern available for them? Thank you.

  4. Jackie Awerman says:

    Would love to try the yarn…also can you give me the links to purchase turban and sock patterns? Thanks!

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