New from Annie’s: Little Knitted Jewels, and a Quick & Easy Knitting with Beads Tutorial from Laura Nelkin

I am thrilled to be asked back to Creative Knitting magazine’s Splendid Sticks blog to talk with you more about my passion for knitting with beads and to also share some tips and tricks when it comes to knitting with beads.  Have you seen Little Knitted Jewels yet?  I am so honored that my Trio Necklace & Earrings were chosen for this cover spot!

The Trio set is surprisingly easy to work.  Beads are pre-strung onto your yarn in a set pattern, as shown in my Butin Collar, and then slipped up in between stitches as they are needed.  The necklace is shaped with short rows so that it is narrower at the back of the neck, creating a graceful arc. The earrings echo the motif of the necklace, while maintaining a flattering teardrop shape.

"Trio" Necklace

"Trio" Necklace from the new Annie's Book: Little Knitted Jewels.

Sometimes students ask me why beads need to be pre-strung, and if they can skip that step and place the beads with a crochet hook instead.  Placing beads with a crochet hook is a lovely look, but what it does is “lock” your bead into place on a stitch.  For the Trio pattern, I wanted the beads to “float” in between the stitches, which means they need to be pre strung so that they are on the yarn and available to slip up.  I love the appearance of movement that this technique creates.

"Trio" Earrings

"Trio" Earrings from the new Annie's book: Little Knitted Jewels.

I pre-string my beads with a dental floss threader. If you haven’t tried this before, check out my short video tutorial showing you just how easy this technique is:

Stringing Beads onto your Yarn with a Dental Floss Threader

Click above to view video

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Knitwear designer Laura Nelkin teaches workshops all over the country. For more information about her classes, or if you have a question about knitting with beads, stop by her website Nelkin Designs.

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