St. Louis Knitting Shop Spotlight: Kirkwood Knittery

Last week, I embarked on my long- anticipated “road trip” to visit St. Louis area yarn shops. The highlight of my trip was my stop at Kirkwood Knittery where I was asked to speak during a special “Meet & Greet” from 7-9 pm on the March 15th.

The idea for my trip was first conceived over a year ago by Brooke Nico and Robyn Schrager, owners of the shop. After several conversations, we firmed up our plans over dinner in New York this past January to make the event a reality.

During my visit, I was asked to talk about Creative Knitting, and to share some insight about what goes on behind-the-scenes. I was encouraged that many posed questions regarding the design selection process and were curious about how we choose color, decided upon themes, and other production details.

The Knit Night bunch at Kirkwood Knittery.

Designer and co-owner of Kirkwood Knittery, Brooke Nico designed these pieces for the March 2012 issue of Creative Knitting, which were on display during the event.

Me with Brooke Nico, co-owner of Kirkwood Knittery posing for a quick photo opp.

I’d like to quickly give a shout out to Brooke and Robyn to say thanks so much for inviting me to your awesome shop. St. Louis was a blast and I can’t wait for my next visit!

Kirkwood Knittery
10724 Manchester Road
Kirkwood, MO 63122

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  1. Roni Sher says:

    It was wonderful meeting you. I learned a lot listening to you and I’m still talking about the event.

    Look forward to seeing at the Kirkwood Knittery again.

    And big thanks to Brooke and Robyn for getting this together.

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