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Not in the Knitting Mood? Make Some Yarn Art Instead!

As I was winding a gorgeous yarn from my stash into a nice pull-skein, (or at least trying to) all of a sudden a knot appeared out of nowhere. What an odd phenomenon that knots and tangles occur out of … Continue reading


Beyond the Knitting Needle

Hey everyone! It’s the weekend, and I love to mix things up a bit and explore other things I can do with yarn that does not involve knitting needles. I’ve been enjoying some felting time, as well as other ways … Continue reading


Behind The Knitted Curtain- A Day At Creative Knitting

Hello again! Have you ever wondered what it would be like to work at a knitting magazine? The ins-and-outs of the publishing world? Well look no further, as today we will be taking a peak behind the Creative Knitting curtain. Last … Continue reading


The Art of Practicing Patience

Prac·tice Condition arrived at by experience or exercise. The word “condition” I find to be very useful because it leads me to believe that if I were to continue practicing patience again and again, eventually my conditions would be pretty darned good … maybe even totally blissful and … Continue reading


Cultivate Not Knowing

One weekend, not too long ago, I began sifting through my stash to find that perfect yarn to begin the equally perfect project. My grand plan was to begin working on a new summer tunic with some fabulous lace yarn that’s … Continue reading