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Beyond K2tog/Ssk

By Tabetha Hedrick Most of us are already familiar with the usual decreases: K2tog, that beautiful right-slanting decrease (and it really is the most beautiful decrease!) and Ssk (slip, slip, knit), the left-leaning opposite. These two workhorses have served us … Continue reading


Easy Fisherman’s Rib Tutorial on Location in Cape Cod

Last week I was on vacation in beautiful Cape Cod, Mass., where I created a short little “tutorial by the beach.” The inspiring sound of the ocean waves inspired me to show you how to work the super-easy Fisherman’s Rib knitting stitch pattern. If you … Continue reading

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Discover Your Secret Passion for Lace Knitting

by Jill Wolcott I am a modern gal. I like modern art, furnishings, fashions, you name it. But I have this secret passion for vintage lace knitting. I have no use in my life for knitted circular tablecloths, luncheon place mats, … Continue reading

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Itty-Bitty Little Bit Hat

By Carri Hammett I don’t know about you but the thought of being without something to knit leaves me in a cold sweat, especially in the summer. Unfortunately, where I live it gets really hot and humid so big projects … Continue reading


New from Annie’s: Little Knitted Jewels, and a Quick & Easy Knitting with Beads Tutorial from Laura Nelkin

Sometimes students ask me why beads need to be pre-strung, and if they can skip that step and place the beads with a crochet hook instead.  Placing beads with a crochet hook is a lovely look, but what it does … Continue reading

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