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The Faux Round Swatch

By Tabetha Hedrick Most of us love a good circular, seamless project, and the very idea of socks, hats, top-down raglans or circular yokes brings us a joy that is virtually palpable. Well, except the little gauge swatching part (because … Continue reading


Crazy for Cables (but not the cable needle)

By Carri Hammett Before I attained my current cable mojo I avoided making projects with too many cables. Don’t get me wrong, I love cables—I even wrote a book about cables. It’s the cable needle I have a problem with. … Continue reading


Seaming Made Easy (Really!)

By Tabetha Hedrick I can’t think of a single person in my circle of friends who doesn’t shudder at the very idea of seaming—all of those pieces needing to be sewn together, the random bits of yarn strands, which needle … Continue reading


Families of Wounded Warriors Turn to Knitting for Comfort & Hope

By Laurie Gonyea As knitters, most of us know the warmth and support a knitting group can bring.  Some of us use our groups as therapy, while for others it is merely a social encounter.  Either way, needles and yarn … Continue reading


The Tale of a Yarn That’s Good For You!

By Laurie GonyeaHave you ever wondered why the goblets that ancient kings and queens drank from, or the crowns that they wore, were mostly made from precious metals like silver, gold or copper? I always thought it was because they … Continue reading