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Seam Edges like a Pro with Mattress Stitch

Seaming with Mattress Stitch.

Mattress Stitch is one of the most common finishing techniques for sewing seams. If done correctly, the finished look of this technique literally makes the stitches “melt” together. To begin: thread a tapestry needle with yarn that matches the knitted … Continue reading


The Art of Practicing Patience

Prac·tice Condition arrived at by experience or exercise. The word “condition” I find to be very useful because it leads me to believe that if I were to continue practicing patience again and again, eventually my conditions would be pretty darned good … maybe even totally blissful and … Continue reading


Seed vs. Moss Stitch: What’s the Difference?

If you love the idea of nothing but knits and purls, Seed stitch is the solution. This stitch pattern is made by working 1 knit stitch and 1 purl stitch across a row, and then they are alternated every other row … Continue reading


Row and Rows of Ruffles

When it comes to adding ruffles to your knits, the possibilities are absolutely endless. The methods described here are simple techniques that anyone can learn. You can tweak just a few stitches, add a single stripe, or work in a new yarn and you … Continue reading