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Kara’s Quick-Knit Tip: Learn How to Knit a Mitered Square

When it comes to mitered knitting, also known as modular and domino knitting, the process is pretty logical. All you need to know are a few simple basics: How to slip, slip, knit (ssk) How to knit 2 together (k2tog) … Continue reading

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Kara’s Quick-Knit Tip: Slipping Stitches

In a knitting pattern when you are instructed to slip a stitch, it’s understood that you slip it as if to purl, unless the pattern states otherwise. Unfortunately, this is misunderstood by many because most knitting patterns don’t tell you … Continue reading


Kara’s Quick-Knit Tip: The Twisted Purl Stitch

So you may wonder, why twist a purl stitch? You’ll often find this technique used when you have traveling stitches and you want to mirror those created on the row below. For example, let’s say you want to work an … Continue reading

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Kara’s Quick-Knit Tip: Knitting Emergency Ruler

Did you know that your index finger comes in handy as a measuring device? When you’re left high and dry without a tape measure, use your finger to measure your knitting instead! Click the image below to learn how.

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Kara’s Quick-Knit Tip: Pick Up & Knit

Sometimes a project calls for picking up and knitting along the edge of an accessory or garment. I find that that this technique is a nice “after-thought” way to add some simple embellishment to the edge of a pullover, a … Continue reading

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