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Short rows are a method of working only part of a row of knitting (whether it is in the round or flat) to create an extra area of knitted fabric in one spot. They can be used for many shaping requirements, such as to turn the heel of a sock, to add extra shaping to a sweater to better fit a curvy body, or to create shaping in a shawl, just to name a few. These rows are exactly what they claim to be. Short rows are shorter than a regular row in the knitted piece, but when turning mid-row to work the other direction, the knitter is presented with a hole in the work at the turn spot. German short rows use the active yarn pulled over the needle (instead of around a stitch like traditional short rows) to fill in the hole and create a finished piece of knitting with no visible blemish.

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Creative Knitting Editor Corrina Ferguson Meet Corrina Ferguson, new editor of Creative Knitting magazine. Corrina knits and designs in Florida where there are only about three sweater days per year, but she keeps on knitting and dreams of retiring somewhere where it snows. Corrina is a knitting designer, instructor and technical editor, and author of Warm Days, Cool Knits.

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