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Knitting With Two Colors

We are super excited to have the amazing Heather Walpole from Ewe Ewe Yarns write a guest tutorial. The best part is that you'll be able to practice your new skill on the free knit pattern in today's issue!

It's Heather Walpole here! Thank you for giving me an opportunity to offer up a lesson that will help you with my cute Happy Baby knit pattern.

Have you ever wanted to learn to knit with more than one color of yarn? Using more than one color in the same row is called Fair Isle knitting, and this kind of colorwork opens up a whole new world of knitting!

Step 1: Cast on and follow the written hat pattern until instructed to work the color chart.

Step 2: Begin working the chart and knitting in the color pattern shown for your chosen design. You will always read the chart from right to left when knitting in the round. Repeat the chart as needed to complete the round.

Step 3: Round 1 of the chart is knitting the round with just one color.

Step 4: Following your favorite method of joining new yarn, add the second color by simply working the required stitch in the new color.

Step 5: Reading the chart from right to left, alternate the colors by holding the yarn comfortably behind the work.

Step 6: The yarn colors should "float" behind each other as you move around the row. The knitting should still feel flexible and have stretch.

Step 7: Continue following the color work chart. This is pictured through Round 6.

Step 8: If a round, such as Round 8, requires a long float between color changes simply twist the two yarns behind the work while continuing to knit the desired color. This helps move the second color along and will not show through the front of the hat.

Step 9: The inside of the hat should have the yarn floating gently from one stitch to the next at a comfortable tension.

Step 10: Continue following the color chart and watch the design come to life!